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Graphic Arts / Point of Purchase Advertising

Plastiprint has been involved in the graphic arts industry since we opened in 1989. A primary focus of Plastiprint is on providing specialty plastic films to commercial printers for retail P.O.P. signage and decorative film applications. Being invloved in the graphic arts industry for as long as we have has given us a large library of printer, ink and media knowledge useful for all aspects of the graphic media and product creation.

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Protective Cling Films /  Forming & Thermo-Forming Protective Films

Our specialty films are used in a variety of protective film applications. The PVC-Free cling films are used for medical & dental equipment protection as well as electronic device screen protection, touch screen protection and as a protective film for a variety of product components.




Product Identification

We understand that keeping pace with the competition and quickly changing economy is important to every business. That is why we combine our P.O.P., branding and printable film knowledge to provide product identification solutions for any type of business.

Industrial Components

Plastic Films are used in a variety of industrial component applications. We have provided plastic film components for everything from Gerber® baby products child car seats to window components.


Toys & Games
Plastiprint's films have been used as components in a variety of toys & games in the recreational and educational markets. Our films are great for Colorform® type toys as well as sticker related toys.

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