Recycle Sticker (Made of at least 80% recycled PET) **New Product**


Recycle Sticker is a 2mil clear polyester that offers excellent clarity, dimensional stability, and printability. The polyester face film contains a minimum of 80% recycled polyester content. Coated with MF ultra clear high performance removable acrylic adhesive which exhibits excellent optical clarity, adhesive flow, and UV stability as well as long term removability on a broad range of surfaces.


PVC-Free Cling Film


PVC-Free Cling Film is designed as a vinyl free window cling film for advertising graphics,

P.O.P. window signage, decal signage, seasonal window graphics, labels & protective film purposes and mobile device screen protection.

Free of Vinyl, Plasticizer, Phthalates, Glyco-Ether & Formaldehyde.

PVC-Free Poly Sheet - (30% Post-Consumer Content)


PVC-Free Poly Sheet is a blended polyolefin media made with 30% Post-Consumer content. It's an ideal media for hanging tags, gas pump toppers, outdoor signage and more.


Cling-Rite® Electrostatic Cling Film - Recyclable as #5. 


Cling-Rite® is an electrically charged, printable polypropylene cling film that can cling to nearly any surface. Cling-Rite is removable, repositionable and erasable. Both printed and unprinted sides are self-adhering.

PolySyn Removable Adhesive Media (Vinyl Alternative)


PolySyn is a mineral-reinforced, polyolefin-based synthetic paper media with a removable adhesive. It's an excellent alternative to vinyl and is ideal for a variety of pressure sensitive applications. 

EcoBlock Poly Blockout Banner - (Recyclable)


EcoBlock Poly Banner is an environmentally responsible line of Non-PVC films designed for large-format printers utilizing UV-cured inks. EcoMedia™ products are designed and formulated to be environmentally-responsible without compromising quality, performance or functionality. 

Anti-Bacterial Over Laminate - Kills 99.9% of bacteria on the surface and is (Recyclable)


Anti-Bac Lam is available in Gloss or Matte and offers the same mechanical and optical properties as standard over laminate films.

RecycleLam Over Laminate - 3.6mil Clear Matte Polyolefin Over Laminate (Recyclable)


RecycleLam is a Vinyl-Free & Recyclable Over Laminate film

EarthCling Plant-Based PLA Films - (Fully Compostable)


EarthCling Plant-Based Media is a clear plastic film that is made from annually renewable Plants. The film is a biaxially oriented PLA that is fully compostable. EarthCling is designed for short and long term applications on glass or other glossy surfaces but also for use on matte surfaces such as metals, woods, plastics and most smooth wall surfaces. Only Clear available & 54" X 2,500 ft. Minimum

Harmony SS Synthetic Paper - (Recyclable) 


Harmony™ Synthetic Media is a new film that eliminates a lot of the pain points with other synthetic papers in the graphics market. It is designed to withstand higher temperatures, provide a better bond with ink and adhesives and be tougher when durability is required.




Eco-Friendly Products - Specialty Printable Films

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