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Cling Films - Non Adhesive Cling Films
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PVC-Free Cling Film

PVC-Free Cling Film is designed as a vinyl free window cling film for advertising graphics,

P.O.P. window signage, decal signage, seasonal window graphics, labels & protective film

purposes and mobile device screen protection.

Vinyl, Plasticizer, Phthalates, Glyco-Ether & Formaldehyde Free!

Bubble Free Cling Media

Graphics have just become a lot easier to install with the new bubble free window cling film. There are absolutely no bubbles to smooth out during or after installation.


Spider Mat - Printable Counter Top Cling Media

Our new stick-on, peel-off, PRINTABLE "SPIDER MAT" for counter tops and table tops cushions your merchandise and protects your counter tops while displaying your retail message directly on your counter top. Multiple components are used to create this one piece material and it is quickly becoming the industry standard for printed counter top mats and pads for retail environments.

Cling-Rite® Electrostatic Cling Film

Cling-Rite® is an electrically charged, printable polypropylene film tipped onto a paper backer. Cling-Rite® is a removable, repositionable and erasable alternative to static cling vinyl and pressure sensitive film products. It will not leave a sticky residue when removed, is environmentally friendly, and does not contain any volatile chemicals.


Static Cling Vinyl

Static Cling Vinyl is an ideal medium for point-of-purchase advertising, signage, promotional items, decals and more. Static cling vinyl can be removed and re-applied and removes cleanly leaving no residue behind. Static Cling Vinyl clings tightly to most clean polished surfaces. 




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